"I know it’s over, and it never really began, but in my heart it was so real."
- The Smiths  (via 400eurojob)

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I’m starting to understand your fear of commitment. Being single means being free. Single means safe. You’re afraid of losing your independence or losing yourself. So you confine yourself to your “me me me” thinking to avoid being rejected or the one who gets hurt. The moment you realize you’re getting closer to facing your fear, you pull back and refuse to let yourself go. You hide behind your vulnerability to be in love by pretending to have a tough exterior, and masking yourself with a self-protective mechanism. Embark on the sensitive side that fully allows you to receive love. It scares you to think someone has unconditional love for you. You find it hard to believe that someone can love every aspect of you, because in your eyes, you don’t think you’re worth it. When all actuality, you do deserve someone that will love you through it all. You love the idea of being in love; but, you’re scared to death mindset and plethora of games, have the real you so buried underneath your muck that when you see it, you run. Remind yourself how beautiful you are, because when you do, hearing me say it or anyone else in that matter, won’t seem too unrealistic. I was told if it doesn’t scare you or make you uneasy, then it’s not worth it. Life isn’t easy, things aren’t easy. We face many hurdles and potholes in the road that mold us. Love is one. Just because it scares you doesn’t mean it’s not right, it just means you’re afraid to lose it. BabyGirl, it scares me too. I’m afraid to lose you and the thought of not being able to love you makes me uneasy. It’s okay to be afraid, fear is inevitable. But, trying to avoid it makes one emotional. Open up My Queen. Don’t be afraid to let me love you. I’ll never hurt you or leave you astray. That’s a promise I vow to keep. @perfectlyhumann